Strategic Assist was founded to provide small business owners with a "right hand" for their operation needs. We care about your goals and success as much as you do. At Strategic Assist, we are passionate about utilizing our ideas and talents to make positive change by sharing information, ideas and resources for the greater good.  


Valerie Delafosse, CPSM

Wife, mom and Certified Professional Services Marketer, Valerie has more than 17 years’ operations experience.  Her diverse experience allows her to diligently develop and implement operations processes and systems. 

While working with small business owners for the majority of her career, she has witnessed the cycle and challenges entrepreneurs face in working in the weeds of their business versus strategically on long-term growth.  Having worn many hats in each of her roles, from personal development through professional coaching, Valerie is passionate about working on the day-to-day tasks that drive long-term progress. With an eye for efficiency, a heart for service and a focus on the big picture she tackles initiatives as passionately as the business owner would.

Valerie devotes her off time to her family and spiritual life. She is active with her three kids and in her community. She currently serves on the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Education Committee and volunteers regularly in her parish's social concerns and ACTS ministries. She has served in leadership roles within the Cub Scouts and school PTO, and serves as a faith formation teacher.






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