Are you a virtual assistant?

Yes, but so much more. Unlike many virtual assistants who are task-oriented, we are initiative-oriented with a strategic, big-picture focus. We care about your success as much as you do and work towards helping you reach long-term goals.

What do you do?

We provide everything listed on our Services page and more. We create custom packages to meet the needs of your business when you don't have enough time or resources to get pertinent initiatives complete. 

Do you provide strategic direction?

Our team will not come in and tell you how to run your business. While some consultants offer specific marketing, financial and strategic direction, we help you implement these strategies and initiatives, filling the gap and serving as the extra hands that get the job done. 

What are your rates?

Client contracts and rates are customized to your needs and the level of service you require.  

Do I have to train you?

Our team folds into your business and processes, becoming an extension of your team. Therefore, there will be some level of training involved initially.  We want to ensure we are working effectively to meet your expectations, goals and deadlines. If you can dedicate a couple of hours of your time early on in our engagement, we can ensure you are receiving benefits long-term.